My name is Nogol, Lil Flower is my talented and playful inner child who loves to paint with her free and intuitive heart. 
I am all in my body when I am painting and I get inspire by entering the moments raw and ready. 
ready for any possibilities and raw as a kid who has a thirst for experiencing.

I offer Art Therapy and Life Coaching sessions for the ones who would love to hear their inner voice through the unique language of art and explore their creativity along with the true sense of freedom.

I believe we all have our melodious voice inside our hearts that needs to be heard.
I believe in the power of our willing heart that brings us light and true love.
Art therapy along with Life Coaching is an approach to navigate the steps of life through creativity and awareness.
Taking a brush can be an inertia, but after that, its all miracles

Welcome to world full of colors and emotions.

My goal and my gift in this path is to be unconditionally present with you while you navigate your way.

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