Hey, Im Nogol


I believe our  beautiful, willing heart has a very significant voice to talk to us and the universe around us.
I like to paint that melodious voice, 
Come and join me to sing a song together

We are the universe experiencing through this body.  Take a brush and paint your unique experience of this radical aliveness.

Hello heart, 
We are here to practice Art Therapy and Life Coaching.

There is a safe space for you to bring your emotions, explore your creativity and be yourself.

All paintings are available as originals by request to get donated to a new immigrant in need of therapy sessions.

Connect me

Your Emotions can Paint

what if we connect

Shades OF Blue Painting is with beautiful Sara

Nogol’s painting evokes a sense of love for me and I think it represents her beautiful heart .Thanks for this incredible painting ❤️

Sara Hasheminasab

The Sufi Girl Painting went home with dear Marion

I have been fortunate and privileged to receive one of the first painting from Nogol. This is one of the best gift I ever received. I love it !! Nogol is talented and she knows how to transcribe emotions and energies in a fabulous painting. It’s incredible!

Marion Jadef

Welcome to Lil Flower's Paintings,

Feel free to shuffle and ask about the stories behind them


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